Wear & Care

We want you to get the most from your LUSCA® bodysuit. As such, your first purchase includes a complimentary laundry bag to guarantee proper care. To ensure the garment's long-lasting life, please refer to the instructions on its label. Always fasten the magnets before placing the bodysuit in the laundry bag. Once secured, put the bodysuit in your bag and wash and dry as instructed.

Placing the back piece of the closure on top, line up the ends of the clasp and watch as they naturally come together to form a strong bond that lasts all day long.

To release the clasp, simply pull the two pieces apart at one side, unlocking the fastened magnets.

To ensure a firm hold, always lead with the back piece of the closure. The front should never be placed on top.

Avoid tugging on the front of your bodysuit to release the clasp.

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